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Doc Jana

... As we diversify the B Corp movement,

the issues that plague the world become personal. They become our issues because we have expanded our human family to include people different from ourselves. When that happens,

real change is inevitable.

- Doc  Jana

Entrepreneur, Author, Life & Business Coach, Afrofuturist, Public Speaker, and Unicorn

Dr. Jana (they/them) is a non-binary Afrofuturist and Pleasure Activist.


They use their work and art to create a loving embrace of people and culture that includes an emphasis on liberation through joy.


Doc Jana is the author of four inclusion books, including three best-sellers, and a book of poetry. They are a serial entrepreneur, yogi, and meditation coach.


Doc Jana has been featured in numerous publications and media including Fast Company, NY Times, and Forbes for their work on diversity, equity, empowerment, and inclusion.


They’ve done a TEDx on privilege and were named one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers by 

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