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Courage as Your Superpower


Showing up in the world as your authentic self can be extremely difficult and intimidating. But for people from marginalized and underrepresented communities, a homogenous workplace can be downright unsafe. In this course, join instructor Dr. Tiffany Jana (they/them), a globally recognized expert on justice and equity, as they share their own stories and experiences and explore the power of using courage as a superpower to overcome inequity and injustice. Learn about practical strategies for individuals and their communities to move forward from injustice with courage and integrity. Find out how you can be more courageous and better assess safety to create an inclusive, equitable world. Discover what allies can do to lend support, promote inclusion, and cultivate safer, more open, and shared public spaces. Doc Jana offers insights on exercising your agency as an individual, while also acknowledging the realities of systemic injustice and working with others to address it and change it. Buy the course on LinkedIn:





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