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My mission is to empower and liberate minds, hearts, and bodies through joy, love, and knowledge.

Doc Jana

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Meet Doc Jana

Entrepreneur, best-selling author,

parent and motivational speaker

Dr. Jana (they/them) is a non-binary mystic and Pleasure Activist.


They use their work and art to create a loving embrace of people and culture that includes an emphasis on liberation through joy.

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Erasing Institutional Bias:


"This book is for individuals and leaders who are ready to move beyond discussion and start taking measurable action toward including the full rainbow of humanity in their enterprises. This book provides a structured path forward for individuals and institutions to take measured, objective steps toward creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Van Jones

Founder of Dream Corps,

CNN Commentator


The B Corp Handbook:


"Our holistic vision for the company centers around our clothing, mindful business practices, and support of every employee's purpose. Being a B Corp allows us to fulfill our purpose in a bold way with other like-minded companies. The B Corp Handbook serves as a guide for using business as a force for good."

Eileen Fisher

Founder and President,

Eileen Fisher


Subtle Acts of Exclusion:


"This is an unreasonable manifesto. It's unreasonable because it challenges us to take responsibility, to be kind, to dig in, and to change the invisible corners of our culture. We've got work to do. Unreasonable is precisely what we need."

Seth Godin

Author of

This is Marketing

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Doc Jana


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