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What is JoyCoin?

JoyCoin is a cryptocurrency minted with the intention of proliferating joy and sharing good karma with every purchase and exchange. When you buy it or sell it, send and request good intentions and the best and highest outcomes for all. It's the marriage of crypto and intentionally healing energy.

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What will JoyCoin be used for?

The purchase of JoyCoin supports the liberation and remuneration of equity seeking people and the diverse team that powers TMI Consulting.


Why is JoyCoin Usage Important?

Spread love! Cultivate joy!

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What is your roadmap? (plans for the future)

JoyCoin holders have an easy on-ramp into the blockchain currency exchange. They will be in the game in the event that crypto really takes off if fiat currency fails.

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What was JoyCoin built on?

Bep-20 Token on the Binance Smart Chain

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When was JoyCoin founded?

July 2022

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What are the Benefits of Holding on to JoyCoin? (The percentages)

JoyCoin holders are awarded 5% of the JoyCoin transaction fee just for simply holding on to your coin! This means that the more JoyCoin is purchased, sold and traded , the more JoyCoin you accumulate in your wallet over time!

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